Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Wounded Hearts (Men In Blue, #5) by Jayne Rylon



Reviewed by Tabatha


I loved the Men in Blue series when I read it a few years ago, and I was delighted to see that Jayne was going to continue on with the series by giving us a new book. I've wanted to know what happened with Lucas, so I was pretty excited to get my hands on Wounded Hearts. Now if you are new to this series, you really need to read it prior to reading Wounded Hearts or you might be a tad bit confused. There are a lot of crossover characters and issues from the previous books. I think this confusion could have been cleared up had there been a prologue to lead into the story. It would have also helped those of us who haven't read the books in awhile given how long it has been between releases, but that's just my opinion. So my thoughts on Wounded Hearts overall. Well I did enjoy reading this story, but...I just didn't love it as much as I had anticipated.

Instantly I could tell that Jayne was channeling her cover model, Alex Minsky, with her character for Lucas even down to his Don't Laugh tattoo. I do love Alex and his positive outlook on life, so I was happy to have a good visual for Lucas. He was definitely a character you could admire, and although I liked that we get a deeper glimpse into the life of an amputee, I also think some of the focus on that detracted away from the bigger emotional issues he was dealing with that were more important to me.

He and Ellie both are fighting their own personal battles they need to overcome, and I loved it when they realized they were better off fighting together. I do think things progressed a bit too quickly given their full year apart, but life is very far from perfect for them and they handled it well with effective communication that I found quite funny most of the time. They also had an undeniable amount of sexual chemistry going on that was incredibly hot.

Now I would have liked to see more in the way of suspense given that the bad guy was pretty easy to figure out, but it was still good. I think the biggest issue that brought the book down for me had to do with Ellie. I loved that she was a fighter, so don't get me wrong here because she survived something I couldn't even imagine. It was the repercussions of it that I found to be just a bit far fetched. Mostly it was the fact that his spunk seemed to settle her down because it was from someone she "loved." That made me roll my eyes, and it's never a good sign.

So even though I didn't love this book, you can see that I did enjoy quite a bit of it. But knowing that Lucas was framed after Alex just made this story all the better in my opinion. *winks* We get a pretty good glimpse as to where the next book is going to go, so I'm excited that we might have another mmf menage to read in the future from this group with Ellie's brother, Ben, and Shari. I just hope that it doesn't have the same rushed together feeling that this book had.

*I received a review copy from the publisher/author via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.*

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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Back in Play (Power Play #2) by Lynda Aicher



Reviewed by Tabatha


I had high hopes for this book, because Scott is the captain of the Glaciers and he was a great character in the previous book. Unfortunately, Back in Play is going to be hard for me to review because while I loved Scott, I really did not like Rachel.

These two start off in such a cute way meeting at a wedding. Rachel is in town visiting her brother, and I liked that she was upfront with Scott about how long she was going to be there. While Scott has every reason not to communicate with Rachel given his issues, it is actually Rachel who isn't honest and upfront with him and I'm not going to lie when I say that it bothered me. She was very supportive of him at first, but when push came to shove she took the cowards way out and instead said something so hurtful to Scott that I almost didn't finish the book. I seriously was shocked, and not in a good way at all. I know that we all make mistakes in what we say in the heat of the moment, but it absolutely gutted me on Scott's behalf. Bad form Rachel. And Scott, you were far too quick to forgive her in my honest opinion.

Anyway, so that stuff aside I liked the way the story progressed and how Scott handled himself. He had a huge struggle with something he never realized was a problem, and I think he was admirable in the way he stepped up. I think this is a little ventured topic with sports romance books, so I love that Aicher gave someone as strong as Scott this struggle. I'm eager to continue on reading about the other Glaciers team members, so I'm going to dive right into the next book as soon as I can.

*I received a review copy from the publisher/author via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.*

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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Lone Wolf (Bluewater Bay #4) by Aleksandr Voinov & LA Witt



Reviewed by Tabatha


I've only previously read LA Witt on her own, but I definitely enjoyed the addition of Aleksandr Voinov for this next installment of the Bluewater Bay series. I loved the premise of online buddies meeting in person for the first time and all of the awkwardness that ensues. Once these two remember that they are still the same person they've been talking to forever, things definitely start to get pretty steamy.

Hunter and Kevin are first and foremost great online friends. They decide to finally meet in person after Hunter discovers that he wants to use Kevin's novel for the next book in his popular series, Wolf's Landing. I was intrigued by the whole process of Hunter bringing Kevin's story into the fold, and poor Kevin gets a dose of fame far too early for his comfort. I think the one thing that bothered me the most in this book was that there really wasn't much in the way of conflict for these two. It just felt really long for not much happening. Now as far as the romance aspects went, these two had great chemistry. I wished they would have followed through with some of their slash coming to real life, but the moments between them were still pretty hot.

Overall, I had a fun time reading Lone Wolf, and I can't wait to continue reading the Bluewater Bay series because it's been great so far!

*I received a review copy from the publisher/author via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.*

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Foreign Affairs Boxed Set by Mari Carr & Lexxie Couper



Reviewed by Tabatha


The Foreign Affairs series is exactly that...characters falling in love despite the great distances that could keep them apart. It's a fun concept for romance, but don't worry because you will get your HFN endings with each book. I think this collaborative effort between Lexxie and Mari was fantastic, and I also think you will all enjoy it too.


Everything about the story appealed to me. The two characters couldn't be more adorable if they tried, and I think they were perfectly matched despite the circumstances of their acquaintance. Annie might have felt like she was down on her luck, but I think fate had her best interest at heart. Hunter was such a sweet guy and trying to do the right thing, but chemistry and passion couldn't be denied. I was so glad that things worked out for this couple in the end, and I can't wait to read the next story in this series that features Dylan and Monet to hopefully see what happens when he found himself in New York.


Talk about sexual tension! These two characters had so much intense chemistry you could feel the heat coming off the pages. Unfortunately something, or rather someone, is standing in the way of them being together. And the more time they spend together, the harder and harder it is getting for these two to resist the undeniable and powerful connection between them. When they are finally able to come together, I swear my ereader was going to go up in flames. Now I thought that the first book in this series was sizzling hot, but Mari and Lexxie both kicked it up a notch with this second installment and I can't wait to get started on the next book!


I gotta say I am really loving this series so far, and I can't seem to get enough! Mari and Lexxie even kicked the heat up a notch further with this one. At first, I was a bit concerned given how fast these two fall into bed with one another, but then again I think it was very fitting of their personalities as well. There was some slight confusion in the beginning for Amy and Andrew, but they were definitely evenly matched and you could feel the progression from lust to love . This was one sizzling hot, guys! It touched on all my favorite buttons making it an absolute pleasure to read.


This one was good, but not nearly the same caliber in the romance department as the previous three books in the series. I think I just was expecting to see more of the romance that connects these three, but those moments together are glossed over. Now aside from that, the rest of the book was just as awesome as all the others in this series. The sexual tension and chemistry between them all was explosive. Keith, Marc, and Harper were great together as a trio, but I think what stuck out to me the most was the connection between Keith and Marc. These two guys were connected in such a way that you almost got a hint of them not being nearly as hetero as they claimed. Now that would have made this book even more hot. *winks*

So suffice to say, overall I loved this series and I think this collaborative effort between Mari and Lexxie was a huge hit! I'd love to see more from them both together as well as apart, but they definitely have something special with this box set of books.

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