Review Policy

Here at Blending Perspectives, we strive to review a broad spectrum of different sub genres within romance and provide our honest review.  We understand that reading is very subjective, so in our reviews we aim to highlight the strong points and use only positive criticism where we feel the author can improve  instead of being discouraging. No one likes a bully.  

We know authors work very hard on their masterpieces, so our reviews will be shared on Facebook, GoodReads, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble to show our support.

Authors, we are open to requests, but we do caution that we are limited in the amount of books we can review simply because we want to give each book the time it deserves to achieve a quality review. With that said, it means that we cannot always accept every request.  Also please note that our books are generally either provided to us via NetGalley or through our own personal purchases. 

We rate our books on a 1-5 scale star scale. To be fair though, if we would deem a book to be less than a three stars we will not review it on the blog. Our guidelines for our star rankings are as follows:w..

3 ~ Was a enjoyable and worth reading
4 ~ Definitely a good read, so tell all your friends
5 ~ You must read this, because it is quite simply amazing

What we like to read:

As stated above, we enjoy a broad spectrum of sub genres within romance. We each have different view points and blend together in the middle, so we strive to provide you with reviews that will blend our different perspectives to give you a well-rounded review.

Sub Genes we enjoy:

YA, new adult, contemporary, chic lit, erotic, historical, regency, romantic suspense, mystery, western/cowboy, paranormal, urban fantasy, ménage, m/m, BDSM, dark, taboo, and so much more!