Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Insider (Exodus End #1) by Olivia Cunning



Reviewed by Tabatha


Insider is the start of the much anticipated Exodus End series, and I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was to read this book. From the very start you can tell this is going to be one heck of a fun ride! We all know I'm a bit of a sucker for rock star romances, but Olivia's books have always been my favorites. She really embraces that whole rocker lifestyle and gives her characters so much depth. I just love them all so much!

Toni is sent on assignment to follow the band Exodus End to do a digital biography of them. Despite her editor believing she isn't the right woman for the job, she sets out to join the band on tour.  She is kind of a mouse in a den of wolves, but I liked that she also wasn't a shrinking violet either. The sexy as sin bass player, Logan Schmidt, is drawn to her from the moment he sees her. The sparks fly and the chemistry between these two is quite explosive. Toni and Logan embark on a sexual education of sorts for Toni, but I really adored just how sweet Logan was as well.

The one thing that did nag at me a bit was the ending. It did seem rather predictable and rushed given the huge build-up. I don't play to spoil anything by making any further comments, but it did bother me enough to drop a half star to make this a 4.5 for me.

Overall, this was definitely everything that I expected it to be. Olivia did a great job. I know the fall-out of Toni's mistakes are going to play out in the rest of this series, so I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book. I'm going to blame that mostly on Trey from Sinners though, because I'm beyond excited to revisit his relationship with Regan and Ethan!

*I received a review copy from the publisher/author via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.*

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Unraveled by Alyssa Breck



Reviewed by Kim


This is the first book I've read by this author, but it will not be the last! 

I loved this book from start to finish. It had hot guys, music, shy women and intrigue. What more could you ask! I found this book to be in the same vein as Lexxie Couper's Heart of Flame series. You have the whole rock and roll background, but it's more about who the characters are and not that they are just Rock Gods, which is what really drew me into the story. 

The characters are well drawn out and exciting. Not a single time did I find myself thinking...would they really do that? They all remained completely in character throughout the book. I loved that they had to spend time apart, and that it didn't get all droopy while they weren't together. These are two intelligent people that are responsible and had lives before. Evie didn't give up her life to follow her rock star and that is just fantastic! The intrigue of the crazy fan was just perfect, but we got to see even before that circumstance threw them together that there was a spark, a chemistry that they were both on the verge of recognizing. This event just pushed them farther along in their journey to each other. I do hope that this is only the beginning of a series, but if it's not, that's okay too. We weren't left hanging wondering what was going to happen.  It really was a perfectly blended, full story book!

*An ARC was provided for honest review from the author.*

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ridin' For A Fall (A&G Original Brand #1) by Kirsten Lynn



Reviewed by Tabatha


Well, I didn't see any indication that this was going to be a historical cowboy book from reading the synopsis, but I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with this revelation. I seriously don't think I read near enough historical western set books in my opinion. So let me start my review with telling you guys that I thought Ridin' For A Fall was a great read with really fantastic characters you are just going to adore.

Lena and Kyle are part of a traveling Wild West Show, but they find themselves thrown in an unexpected situation while in London when faced with the repercussions of Kyle's philandering ways when they were there last year. With no other options, these two are forced to marry and return home when they are fired from the traveling show. As they start the new chapter of their lives, they not only discover how deep their passion is, but they also find out that they are always better when facing things together.

For all Kyle's faults, he really is a stand-up guy. He gets scared and reacts a bit too hasty, what guy doesn't, but deep inside the guy is such a marshmallow. In the tender moments between him and Lena, you can feel not only the passion between them, but a deep solid friendship that has stood the test of time. As Kyle kept saying to Lena, they were inevitable. As for Lena, I think she is such an admirable character. I just simply loved her. She is so very strong while taking everything that came her way in stride. Although she is loath to hear it, sweet really was the best adjective to describe her no matter if she liked it or not. When they are together, you really get the sense that these two can face anything that comes their way, because their relationship is strong enough to survive anything. I was really excited to see these two be a tad bit kinky in the bedroom, because it really fit in well with their personalities. The passion and chemistry between these two is undeniable.

I loved so many things about this story. Following them on their journey home, the emotional struggles they endured along the way, and even more so once they arrived home to face Kyle's demons. The only thing I would have liked to see play out differently was towards the end. I honestly think that these two had enough conflict without adding the evil brother/sister combo. I just didn't think their roles in the story were necessary, and their motives are still quite unclear to me or how they would have managed to accomplish their mission.

Overall, this book was everything that I look for in a historical romance. I found myself loving the characters, faults and all, and I really wanted them to make things work. They may not have gotten the exact happy ending I would have liked to see play out, but I think that it worked out well anyway. As Kristen is a new to me author, I'm definitely looking forward to checking out more of what she has written and also what she has in store for us with the next book featuring the A&G gang.

*A review copy was provided from the author in exchange for honest review.*

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Monday, June 22, 2015

The Captain's Bluestocking Mistress (The Dukes of War, #3) by Erica Ridley



Reviewed by Kim


I really love this series.

The characters are fantastic and lively and this book fits so smoothly into the series concept. I love a female character that is lively and spunky. Jane is not the norm for the time period and I think that makes her all the more fun! Even though Jane is considered a "spinster," she's a determined, intelligent woman that just will not let go of what she feels she wants.

In a time period where women had little choice, she decided what she wanted and set out to make it happen. Jane didn't take the easy road, she set her sites, if not her heart, on a man that was so damaged by war and his role in it that he would rather not speak and hide himself away rather than  deal with the world around him. Watching her break through, and in the process find love and not just passion, was an exciting adventure.

Captain Grey and Jane push through the pain and suffering that the war and life has caused each of them. They turn to each other and together find a love they never thought would exist in their world.

*A review copy was provided from the publisher/author via NetGalley in exchange for honest review.*

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Slut (Labels #2) by Saranna DeWylde



Reviewed by Kim


Wow, where to begin...

Ok, first of all, this is the second in the Labels series by the fabulous Saranna DeWylde, and let me tell you what a follow up it is! I was truly moved and inspired by FAT, and I really didn't think that I would be touched quite so much by this one but oh was I wrong. 

This is a powerful, moving story of a woman finding a way to love herself after so many years of trying to get other peoples to love her instead. The writing was absolutely superb.  I really felt like I was traveling along this journey with Bex, I felt her pain, her indecision, her desire for more, and I wanted to stand up and shout YES when she finally got it. We are introduced to more characters who I'm really looking forward to seeing more of in the future as well as getting to catch up with Claire and Brant from FAT. 

This is a powerful series that will pull you in, break your heart, and your defenses, and then put you back together piece by piece. This book as well as the series as a whole is real, raw, and gritty. It's not for the faint of heart, but it is for those that want to be entertained while at the same time having their eyes opened wide to the road of inner discovery.

*ARC was provided for honest review from the author*

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Buckhorn Summer by Lori Foster



Reviewed by Tabatha


The Buckhorn series has always been a favorite of mine, and I love that Foster is revisiting it with the second generation each year as a charity book to raise funds for the Animal Adoption Foundation, which is a local no-kill shelter. I always find myself so delighted to not only help a worthy cause with my purchase, but to also get the chance each year to return to Buckhorn and revisit some of my favorite characters.

Lisa and Gray have one steamy night of passion in Chicago, but little do these two know that fate is about to give them a chance at more than just a one-night stand. The chemistry between these two is unbelievably sweet. They don't necessarily fight their desire for one another, but they both keep a steady head and don't just jump right into their relationship. They take time to get to know one another better, and I think the results were adorable. Her family provides the comedic relief in the story, as always, and I love how Foster always weaves in an animal into these books in the rescue of Shelby the stray. I will admit that their relationship does kind of go on a fast-track, but I think these two spending all their time together helped me be okay with that given it was such a short story.

I think the only thing that really bothered me was the conflict of the story. I honestly didn't see the need for it when these two were both having enough to deal with on a personal level. It just felt like forced conflict that didn't really matter because the story would have progressed just fine without it.

So casting those negative feelings aside, I think this was another great addition to the Buckhorn fold. Gray and Lisa are endearingly cute, and I can't wait to see what her match maker cousin, Amber, has in store for us next. Although someday I hope she gets her own story, something is making me think she is going to be the last one to fall...

*NOTE* This ebook also contains last year's release of Back to Buckhorn that I have already previously reviewed, so I have not included that in this review.

*A review copy was provided by the publisher/author via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.*

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Long Time Gone (Rough Riders, #16.5) by Lorelei James



Reviewed by Tabatha


Sometimes you read a book and it just sticks with you no matter how you feel about the subsequent books you read after. But, for me, it has always been this entire Rough Riders series. It's just something so exceedingly special, you have to read it to understand where I’m coming from. I just can't quite put into words to tell you all just how much I absolutely adore it. The series warms my heart in ways that no other book or series has ever been able to accomplish, so I can’t highly suggest enough that you need to take the time to read it. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Long Time Gone is a sexy and extraordinarily sweet novella that gives us a glimpse back into the history of Cal and Kimi McKay’s relationship and how it all started. From the moment these two meet in the ice cream parlor, there is no turning back for either one of them. They are undeniably perfect for one another, despite the West/McKay complications, and I absolutely adore these two. I love and respect Cal even more so now after learning the way he allowed Kimi to spread her wings. He knew if you love something with the desire to be free, that you need to let it go so it comes back to you strong than ever before. I seriously don’t know how Cal, or Kimi for that matter, managed those years while she was gone. I was amazed at the determination and strength of their love, because this is what pulled them through. Let me put this quite simply for all of you guys, Cal McKay is nothing short of amazing. It’s no wonder his sons are two of my favorite guys from the McKay clan, because the apple didn’t fall far from the tree there.

With all that said, I’m sure you know I’m going to tell you that this is a MUST read. Their relationship is complicated, but yet also so simple in the purity of the love they have for one another. I have to say it again because it bares reminding, but I just love these two. So read this book, but more so read the whole series. When you are invested in it like I am, each time you get to revisit with your favorite family becomes such a treat. I can’t wait for what Lorelei has in store for us next. 

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Suck and Blow (Party Games #1) by Lexxie Couper



Reviewed by Tabatha


This is an oldie, but definitely one you guys don't want to miss out on! I just love the idea of the series, and if the first book is any indication I am going to love reading them all. 

Frankie and Alec we're frenemies at best during high school, but a chance encounter at a party reignites the sizzling attraction between them. Seriously, the chemistry between these two is so intense you will feel it coming off of the pages guys. No Joke.

Not only is this story supremely hot, but I also thought it was really cute as well with two people reconnecting after ten years have passed since high school. Who knew that playing a game of suck and blow could be so much fun! Overall, I really enjoyed the characters, and I can't wait to read the next book. 

*A review copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.*

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This Heart of Mine (Whiskey Creek, #8) by Brenda Novak



Reviewed by Kim


I didn't think I could love this series any more than I already did, but I've been proven wrong. 

I went into this book thinking, okay, I suppose we have to get through Phoenix's story, so we can move on. What a misconception! I had heard people say this was their favorite book in the series, but I just didn't know why that would be. In my mind, I had made Phoenix into the horrible criminal that most other people in Whiskey Creek had made her out to be, and just figured this would be more of a stepping stone for Riley to get his happily ever after.  I never dreamed that it would come about the way that it did, and it was a VERY pleasant surprise! 

As the story unfolds, I felt the real passion and love that they shared. I felt the pain that they had endured like a physical blow. It was more than wanting two characters to find love, it was about redemption and acceptance. Phoenix had so many things going against her for so long, but she was so incredibly strong. Most of us would have curled up in a little ball and given up, but not Phoenix. She persevered. Even when she felt herself not worthy, she kept what was most important to her in sight and allowed all of her love to help lift up those that she loved. 

There are just so many amazing things I could say about this book. I really liked the way that the other characters were on the peripheral. This was such a strong intense story that if the other characters had been involved or had side stories like they had in the past, I think this one would have not been so intense. It was so delicate it could have gotten trampled in the telling. But of course, the skill of Brenda Novak wouldn't let that happen! 

I agree with what I've heard....this is my favorite Whiskey Creek story!  

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Unfaded Glory (Home to Glory, #2) by Sara Arden



Reviewed by Kim


Ok, there are just no words to say how much I LOVED this book. 

I've read all of this series and really can't say how much this series means to me. Even though each book contains different characters, there are touches with previous characters but they don't override the new characters.  This is really hard to accomplish, and just shows how incredibly talented Sara Arden truly is. 

Both of the main characters in the story are so damaged by their past that it's a miracle they've made it this far. You don't often hear the struggles of the soldiers that survive, especially not in romances. By including this in the story, it brings the character to life more vividly than you can find in other books. Sara Arden has not only captured the romance of the characters in this series, but she's also captured the reality that is faced by the returning soldiers, the voices they hear, the guilt they have to find a way to live with each and every day. This is so much more than a love story or romance. This is a story about survival, redemption, and pain. I am looking forward to the next book to see what other miracles Glory, Kansas has to offer. 

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Bare for You (Outback Skies, #3) by Lexxie Couper



Reviewed by Tabatha


Oh Lexxie, you did it again.

All I can tell you guys is that this book was hella good. It was so good, in fact, that I couldn’t put it down and yelled at my husband to go away until I was finished reading. I’m not even joking, but then again he’s used to this by now. lol

Bare for You was without a doubt one of the best books I’ve read in awhile. No it isn’t just because I love Lexxie’s writing, although that is entirely true, but it is because she not only gave us a sizzling hot story with a deliciously sexy Outback cowboy, but she paired him with an equally sexy politician who looks like Ryan Gosling. Yeah, I’m totally swooning over here just imagining it, and he even had glasses!

So these two do give complicated a whole new definition, but not so much so that I ever saw their relationship as being impossible. It was just going to take a lot of work and compromise on both their parts. They do have sort of an insta-lust/love thing going on, but I think they were both at a point in their lives where they were ready for more. Ryan because he is lonely, and Jeremy because he is tired of living a lie just to meet an end goal he’d set for himself while denying who he was inside. The undeniable chemistry and sexual tension in this story is true to Lex’s style, but she bumped it up a notch…or really twenty. These two get one incredible night together, but they had two days of intense build up leading into it. I loved that Ryan has a quick wit and a commanding personality you just can’t help but fall in love with. And as for Jeremy, well, I loved him in Getting Played when he first appeared and I knew he deserved someone special after that book. I’ve gotta say that Lex delivered for him in a BIG way with Ryan. From the moment these two meet, you can feel the intense heat and the connection between them coming off the pages. And believe me when I say it only gets more intense as the story goes on. Once you reach the end, I can guarantee you are going to need a cold shower. Trust me.

I think the Outback Skies series is fantastic, although it does always leaves me craving more, but this has been my favorite so far. I’m always eager to read what Lex comes up with next, but I seriously think one of these days she is going to melt or make my e-reader spontaneously combust. No joke.

*I received a review copy from the author/publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.*

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Kneel, Mr. President by Lauren Gallagher



Reviewed by Tabatha


Kneel, Mr. President was an emotional but sizzling hot read that kept me thoroughly entertained from page one. I actually didn’t want to put it down, but sadly I needed sleep. Of course, I didn’t hesitate to wake up early just to finish it though. lol 

As I read, I found the dynamics between the three characters, Kent, Carlene, and James, truly fascinating. Kent and James have a bond that has stood the test of time, but despite how they feel about one another they have kept themselves apart on an intimate level and moved on with their lives even though they work in close proximity to one another.  Unfortunately the pressures of James’s position are driving him into an early grave, and his wife isn’t about to stand by and allow that to happen. Carlene seeks out Kent’s assistance to help save her husband in the only way she knows how…to give James what he cries out for in his sleep.

I have to say that this book was really quite good despite a few inconsistencies in the timeline that I noticed. (There were only 3 that I saw and not huge issues.)  What I was really impressed with in this story, is that so much of the book centered on the emotions boiling between the three characters and less was focused outside of the relationship. Of course it had a plot to it that it extended beyond the bedroom, but I was happy to see that we didn’t have some discovery and attempted exposure of the relationship. That would have made it predictable, and this book was anything but predictable.  The book really focuses on the emotional upheaval of all of the characters, and how they find their way to make things work for them. Kneel, Mr. President packed a wallop in the emotion department, but whew was it steamy hot too! So hot in fact, I guarantee you will get more than a little hot and bothered while reading it.  Overall, this book definitely gets my seal of approval. The only thing I had issue were those three inconsistencies in timeline, but other than that it was a fantastic read and I highly recommend.

*I received a review copy from the author/publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. I also purchased a copy upon release.*

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Let It Ride (Thompson & Sons #3) by Vivian Arend



Reviewed by Tabatha


I’ve always loved a good friends to lover’s story, and Let it Ride was definitely a bittersweet one. Clay and Maggie have been friends for years, but family obligations have kept Clay from finding his own happiness until it was too late and Maggie got away. Fortunately she found a great guy in Cam, but tragedy strikes and Clay finds himself not only without his friend, but now having to take care of Maggie as well.

What I truly loved about this story was Maggie. She is a strong, independent heroine but she isn’t too afraid to ask for help either. She leans on Clay in her time of need, but also is willing to move on far faster than I think I would have ever been able to. She faced each day one day at a time, and tried her hardest to stay connected to her life despite her deep loss.

On the other hand, I think the conflict in the story was predictable and felt a tad bit forced. I can see why the father would have an issue, but the way he treated Clay after all that he has done for the family was terrible. He isn’t a very likeable character, and his turn around was far too quick for how vehement was about not accepting the relationship.

Overall, the book was sad but had some uplifting parts. You can definitely feel the heat and chemistry between Maggie and Clay, so I doubt you are going to feel like their relationship happens too fast. It was a sweet book with two sweet characters I promise you are going to love.

*I received a review copy from the author/publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.*

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Simply Irresistible by Kate Pearce



Reviewed by Tabatha


So I apparently missed reading the second book in this series, Simply Sinful, but I still think I’d feel exactly the same way after reading Simply Irresistible. In my humble opinion, Peter deserved better than Abigail plain and simple. Abigail is prepared to martyr herself because she feels that their circumstances are beyond what they can fix, but of course Peter isn’t about to let her get away with that and neither are their close friends. I just didn’t like the way she wanted to solve the issues surrounding them by sacrificing their happiness.  Now I will say that I was a bit surprised that this one was light on the erotic romance compared to what I’ve read in past books from this series.  I think that is exactly where I felt the disconnect with these two characters.   I think should they had had more personal intimate time, that I would have believed their relationship was worth saving and that Abigail was worthy of Peter. I kind of have a soft spot for the guy from the previous books I’ve read.  Overall, I wasn’t completely dissatisfied with this book in all honesty, I just felt that Peter deserved so much after all he had gone through.  I’m excited to continue on reading this series though, and I definitely suggest it to those of you who like your regency romances a bit on the spicy side. *winks*

*I received a review copy from the publisher/author via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review*

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