Monday, June 15, 2015

This Heart of Mine (Whiskey Creek, #8) by Brenda Novak



Reviewed by Kim


I didn't think I could love this series any more than I already did, but I've been proven wrong. 

I went into this book thinking, okay, I suppose we have to get through Phoenix's story, so we can move on. What a misconception! I had heard people say this was their favorite book in the series, but I just didn't know why that would be. In my mind, I had made Phoenix into the horrible criminal that most other people in Whiskey Creek had made her out to be, and just figured this would be more of a stepping stone for Riley to get his happily ever after.  I never dreamed that it would come about the way that it did, and it was a VERY pleasant surprise! 

As the story unfolds, I felt the real passion and love that they shared. I felt the pain that they had endured like a physical blow. It was more than wanting two characters to find love, it was about redemption and acceptance. Phoenix had so many things going against her for so long, but she was so incredibly strong. Most of us would have curled up in a little ball and given up, but not Phoenix. She persevered. Even when she felt herself not worthy, she kept what was most important to her in sight and allowed all of her love to help lift up those that she loved. 

There are just so many amazing things I could say about this book. I really liked the way that the other characters were on the peripheral. This was such a strong intense story that if the other characters had been involved or had side stories like they had in the past, I think this one would have not been so intense. It was so delicate it could have gotten trampled in the telling. But of course, the skill of Brenda Novak wouldn't let that happen! 

I agree with what I've heard....this is my favorite Whiskey Creek story!  

 If you'd like to check out more about this series or other books by Brenda, please head over to her website.

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