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Hillbilly Rockstar (Blacktop Cowboys #6) by Lorelei James



Reviewed by Slick Reads


As a huge fan of this author, it is hard to write a review for a book that I didn't love with all my heart and that is where I'm at with Hillbilly Rockstar.  I still loved this book, but it isn't a favorite and I'm still not sure I really love these two characters together, although I do love them separately. That being said, Hillbilly Rockstar is still heads and shoulders above so many other books out there.

We met Devin McClain in early Blacktop Cowboy books, and we know that from a young age he was a charmer and he is an extremely talented songwriter and singer.  He is also quite cocky and while he is a great friend to those he's known all his life, he embraces the perks of being a star especially the buffet of women always available.  When it appears a fan has gone a bit off the deep end, his record company and his management decide he needs some protection.  This doesn't set well with a man who feels he can defend himself, and he especially doesn't need the woman body guard they want to hire for him.  A woman with ties to his hometown and one he obviously can't charm.  While I learned to love Devin as this book went on, there were many things he said and some truly crappy actions towards the beginning of this book that made me want to hurt him bad.  There was one incident in particular that made me hate him a little, and I can guarantee if I'd been Liberty I wouldn't have been so professional (guess that's why I'm not a romance book heroine).

There is no doubt Liberty Masterson can hold her own against anyone and she isn't about to let an arrogant country western star get the better of her.  The bad thing is she's attracted to him and he's a client so it's not going to happen no matter how much she wants it to.  I love that she's strong, sure of herself but a little bit vulnerable.  At times her stubbornness drove me up the wall and I'm pretty sure Devin felt the same way.

I'll admit I had someone else in mind for Devin from the start and I wasn't so sure how I'd like him with Liberty but as their relationship grew, it became apparent to me these two belonged together because they complimented each other's strengths and didn't exploit their weaknesses.  Their sexy times were off the charts and it is always refreshing when a couple isn't afraid to explore their sexuality and enjoy each other fully and this author always makes sure everyone is satisfied including the reader.

I loved seeing all the different sides of Liberty and especially loved how she opens up and shared so much of her life with Devin.  She was a surprise to me mainly because we'd seen so very little of her previously and she is so different from her sister, Harper.  I loved learning more about Devin, what motivated him and the fact that he was way more down to earth than his public persona let on.  It became very obvious when he realized he wanted things in his life he never imagined and with good reason.

A little bit of suspense, intrigue, and a few secondary characters that I could see spinning off into a whole other series (hint, hint) added a lot of interest to an already satisfying love story between Devin and Liberty. I missed the atmosphere and craziness of Muddy Gap but on the other hand I appreciated the entertaining new characters that were introduced.  Ms. James has a way of planting little seeds of interest that make her fans start dreaming of possible new series for her to write!    While I understand the necessity of this book taking place on the road, I will also admit that some of my favorite scenes were when they returned home to Muddy Gap and spend time with Bran and Harper, my favorite Blacktop couple.

Hillbilly Rockstar is another fine addition to The Blacktop Cowboy series and it proves once again that author Lorelei James is a powerful storyteller who has the ability to draw readers in with her vibrant characters, entertaining plot, exquisite dialog, and emotional yet sexy love stories.  

If you'd like to check out more about this and Lorelei's other books, please head over to her website. 

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