Thursday, October 29, 2015

HATE Sex by Billy Storm



Reviewed by Kim

Wow! This is the first book by Billy Storm and what a way to come out of the gate. 

The characters in this books are so complex, so rich in form and substance that they instantly jump off the page and drag you into their world. The raw emotions and deep seeded ideals that each of the characters have about themselves, and about each other, really comes through with their interactions. There are some pretty freaking hot scenes, but those aren't the focal point of the whole book. The way the characters really feel about themselves is what leads to how they interact with each other, and they are all very damaged. 

I was brought to tears over and over, and just wanted to shake them at times and tell them that they were okay, they were good. The fronts that the characters put on for the world are nothing compared to who they really are, and the exciting part of this book is that we get to see those fronts crumble as they progress in their relationships. It was absolutely beautiful how these truly damaged characters were able to find each other, and really begin healing the pain from the past. I'm not going to spoil anything, but I do hope that we get to see "the other man" in a future book, I would love to see how his story plays out.

 For more information about this series or Billy's upcoming books, please check out her website.


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