Monday, May 9, 2016

Bought by Nicolette Hugo



Reviewed by Tabatha


 I really needed to take my time to process this book in order to review it. Quite simply, I just wanted to do it justice because it was a remarkable read. Nicolette is really making her mark when it comes to BDSM romances, and she is fast becoming one of my favorites. Her writing style is impeccable and her stories have a way of absorbing you into them to the point where you just can't stop reading. I look forward to each new release from her, and somehow she is able to make each book better than the last. She is exceedingly talented at her craft.

"The sin in her smile was enough to send a man to any of the hells he believed in."

Bought was a complete package. It had an engaging plot that kept me guessing while seamlessly balancing the suspense with the intense chemistry of the characters. It was a complex tale that I couldn't put down. Each character was well developed and you could feel the intense chemistry between them all pouring off of the pages. Jerricho was the stand-out character for me though. He was an enigma and I loved everything we learned about him. I think Scarlett and Killian definitely met their match in him, and the only thing I would have loved to have explored more was the dynamics with all three of them together. I think there is more to tell story wise between Jerricho and Killian, but Scarlett is definitely the bridge to exploring their relationship more.

"Whoever said you couldn't break somebody with pleasure hadn't really been trying."

Overall, this was a fantastic read and I can't recommend it enough to you all. If you love BDSM reads with a bit of suspense mixed in, this is definitely going to be the book for you. I do believe it is going to be one of those books I come back to when I'm in a reading funk, because it was just that well written and enjoyable. I am eagerly anticipating what Nicolette has in store for us in the future!

*I received a review copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.*

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