Saturday, October 1, 2016

All the Wrong Places (Bluewater Bay, #14) by Ann Gallagher



Reviewed by Tabatha


The reason I will always read books from this author, is because she isn't afraid to step outside the box and I love how she writes what she wants without restraint. All the Wrong Places was another first for me because of this being my first asexual romance.  I've found that wrapping ones head around the concept of being asexual is difficult to say the least, but Ann does it in a way that makes you realize that there is no one specific way to have a relationship. It is more about two people and how they define it in a way that works best for them. I can't say enough how much liked the message there. Both characters in the story worked on building a relationship that was just about them without any preconceived notions about what their relationship should entail. It was a breath of fresh air in the best possible way. So I bet you are asking yourself why I only gave it 3 stars, right?

Well, I'm going to straight up say it wasn't the lack of sex happening, because there was none to be had. I just also didn't feel like it was a romance. Don't get me wrong here, I did enjoy that that these two built a relationship framework about what they wanted, but I still got a strictly friendship vibe from these two more than anything. I just didn't feel any chemistry that lends itself to being romantic beyond friendship. I know it can be there without the sex, but I just didn't feel any romance between these two. So while I enjoyed reading something new to me and the message making me think a bit more about who defines a relationship, I just wanted a bit more than what I got from the characters.

*I received a review copy from the author/publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.*

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