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The Deeper He Hurts (Kick #2) by Lynda Aicher



Reviewed by Tabatha


I still have a hangover from this book, and telling you guys that I loved it almost doesn't seem like an adequate enough way to describe my reaction to The Deeper He Hurts. First off, I'm a huge Lynda Aicher fan for many reasons, but I am most of all because she is quite simply an outstanding writer. As I've come to expect from her, the tangled emotions between the characters take the forefront in this book meanwhile the acts they engage in only seem to enhance their connection instead of being the primary focus of their relationship. I don't know how Aicher accomplishes this so flawlessly, but I appreciate it more than she will ever know.

"Pain given and received equally in an exchange of need more than power. The connection was alluring and terrifying at once. And potentially filled with more pain than he could handle."

So let's talk more about The Deeper He Hurts...we saw Asher a bit in the first book of this series and I knew he was going to be a captivating Sadist right from the start. I don't know why, but there was just something about him. I was, however, surprised to find just how exceedingly complex of a character he was and with so much depth him, too. On the flip side our masochist, Sawyer, took complex to a whole new level. His past is clouded in so much pain that I could completely understand his no-holds-barred approach to the lifestyle. I'm just glad he found someone like Asher with an intense moral and ethical code, because at the rate Sawyer was going he was going to be joining his family sooner rather than later. He was on a very dangerous path of self-destruction and his pain almost takes your breath away the further you dive into the book. I had tears streaking down my face more than once as I read as a result.

"Their connection sunk deep and solid. So balanced and mutual he was blinded by its power."

Asher and Sawyer's kinks matched in a way I've never seen between two characters on this intense of a level. To say they had chemistry would be a gross understatement, but it was the way their kinks wove into the deeper emotions they shared that really made this book special. Sawyer's need to live in pain perfectly matched Asher's need to inflict it, but their relationship went so much deeper than just the BDSM elements and I think Aicher did an impeccable job showing us that.

"It was the hottest thing Ash had seen in a very long time-if ever. The suffering was evident, but the power behind the pain was intoxicating."

Overall, I still can't get over how much I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was emotional and powerful and moving and just so incredibly good. Please take my word for it that The Deeper He Hurts was exceptionally great book, and I can't suggest it to you highly enough. And Lynda, you set the bar pretty high with this one, but I'm still eager to read Finn's book next!

Reviewed by Kim


I am absolutely in love with this series. Asher and Sawyer were a perfect fit not only for Kicks, but for each other. The intensity that they both bring to the table is unbelievable. They both come with a lot of baggage, both real and of their own making. They were both searching for something bigger, something stronger. These two men fix each other, complete each other, and make each other better. I can't wait to see what comes next!

*We received a review copy from the author/publisher via NetGalley in exchange for our honest review.*

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