Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Jewel (Malloy Family #11) by Beth Williamson



Reviewed by Tabatha


This was my first read of Beth Williamson, and it certainly will not be the last. I was captivated from page one with The Jewel, and I think that Williamson is a very talented writer. I felt like I was taken back to the past with the focus on the details and historical facts that Williamson was able to creatively weave into a romantic story full of hardship and determination. The story is led with a great cast of characters with Isabelle, Charlie, and Mason. I actually read this in one sitting, because I just couldn’t put it down. This is the type of romance that I just love to read!

The story opens with Isabelle and Charlotte Chastain dealing with the loss of their parents along the Oregon Trail. When they decide to turn back and seek out the sisters that they have parted ways with along the way, they come across a battered man and save his life. Mason, having been left for dead, is grateful for the Chastain sister’s generosity in saving him, but he also develops intense feelings for the ever stoic Isabelle. Together these two fight the immense odds that are set against them in their journey to reunite her with her other sisters.

As I said before, this is the best type of romance to read. It was full of suspense, mystery, and above all...sweet romance. I admired Isabelle so much for her strength, Charlie for her foul mouth, and Mason because he was discovering a side of himself that he never knew existed. They each were wonderful and strong characters that I could read about over and over again. I’m eager to read more from Williamson, so I will definitely be going back to the previous books in this series. I will say that I wasn’t really lost with this being number eleven in the series despite my having not read any of them previously. It definitely stood on its own, but I want to know about the other sisters now too. So overall, this was a delightful read and I definitely suggest it.

*I received a review copy from the author in exchange for my honest review*

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