Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ultimate Sins (The Callahans #4) by Lora Leigh



Reviewed by Tabatha


Ultimate Sins is the fourth book in the Callahan’s series from Lora Leigh and first of all, I must stress the importance of reading these books in order because otherwise you are going to be completely lost. Leigh specializes in convoluted plots with plenty of sexual tension and angst, so I will tell you that this series is quite complex in its framework from start to finish. With that caution in mind, let’s move onto the subject at hand, shall we?

Ultimate Sins had some unexpected surprises revealed as Leigh brings the story of the Callahans full circle. Now although I did think that some aspects were entirely predictable, some weren’t so the story was still fun to read. There were plenty of heated moments between Crowe and Amelia, but I was sad to see Crowe display some very unheroic like behavior. I get that Amelia liked his dirty talk, but sometimes I thought that he was just beyond crass at the most inappropriate of times. Because these two have kept their relationship secret for so long, they tended to use sex instead of communication more often than not. It was also Crowe’s modus operandi when faced with a disagreeable Amelia. *insert eye roll* Moving on from that though, these two did have an intensity that was pretty explosive, so I really enjoyed that. Now what did manage to surprise me in the book was just how deep Amelia’s secrets ran, but I dare not spoil it or anyone by going any further. Just know that she has some deep secrets that no one was able to figure out until she felt like showing her hand.

Unfortunately, I do have to admit that the thing that bothered me the most about this book were its inconsistencies. I honestly found far too many to list. I understand that since this was an unedited copy that errors are to be expected, but it went beyond just your average errors and was in the content itself. I just hope the release copy is cleaner, and that those issues get fixed because it pulled me out of the story every single time I came across one. In the end, we had a great build up to the conclusion of this series. So much in fact, that I ended up feeling cheated that things with Wayne didn’t come to head until I was 94% of the way into the book. I honestly think that more time should have been spent on that considering his evil deeds have spanned the course of this four book series. It was just kind of anti-climatic for me personally.

Overall though, I still think that Ultimate Sins was an entertaining read, and I’m definitely glad to finally put this storyline of the Slasher and the Callahans to rest. I think that Crowe and Amelia belong together, and I was happy to see that it all worked out for them in the end. I was thrilled to also note that we may even have a possible lead in with a follow up story for Rory Malone and Resnova’s daughter. I do so hope that Leigh does continue with that, because I’ve always thought that Rory should have his own story since finishing the Elite Ops books. I'm definitely crossing my fingers for that one. :)

*I received a review copy from the author/publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.*

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