Thursday, October 16, 2014

Blackthorne (Heart of Fame #8) by Lexxie Couper



Reviewed by Tabatha


Not very often do you come across an author that just speaks to you in the same way that Lexxie Couper has with me.  Saying that I love her work could possibly be the biggest of understatements.  Let’s just put it this way.  When I received my ARC of Blackthorne, I totally did a very unladylike happy dance…really, it was quite the sight to see guys.  lol So anyway, back to the subject at hand.  I’ve reviewed a lot of Lexxie’s books in the past, but I can honestly say that I’m beyond excited to share with you my review for Blackthorne!  So with no further ado…

Absolutely amazing… that is definitely the adjective that I’d use to describe Blackthorne.   Lex really outdid herself with this final book in her Heart of Fame series.  Talk about going out with a bang, Lex!  I’m in such a state of utter bliss and I have a total book hangover in the best way possible right now.  She made me laugh and cry all while overwhelming my heart with both sadness and pure joy.   As the Heart of Fame series comes to a close, it really is a bittersweet ending to a series that I have become so attached to.  Each and every one of the characters is so very special to me, but I think that Lex ended the series better than it even started (and that is quite a statement given my feelings for Josh’s dad Nick in the first book Love’s Rhythm).  Blackthorne was a roller coaster of emotions for me, and I couldn’t help but ball my eyes out several times while reading.  In my honest opinion, Caitlin and Josh were two of the best characters that Lex has ever written.  The sexual tension between them and the heated moments all combined to an emotionally charged read that will leave you craving more from this supremely talented author.

If you haven’t read the Heart of Fame series, you will still enjoy this book and not be lost at all.  But on the other hand, I definitely encourage you to start from the beginning to get that same feeling overwhelming joy that I did and to truly understand the characters.  As I said before, it is a bittersweet closure to characters that I hold so very dear.  Maybe Lexxie will treat us with a novella or two down the road since she is known for the way she ties in her characters from her books. *winks*  Looking forward to what you have in store for us in the future for sure, and I can’t wait to get my hands on what you have out next!

*I received a review copy from the author/publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.*

If you'd like to check out more about this series or other books by Lexxie, please head over to her website.

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