Thursday, September 3, 2015

Deeper In Sin (The Wicked Dukes #2) by Sharon Page



Reviewed by Tabatha


I've got to hand it to Sharon Page. Her books are always well-plotted and the intrigue is masterful all while still maintaining the romance elements of the story. I had several notes to myself saying "well I didn't see that coming," and that really seems to be a rarity for me these days. Now although this is a typical Page story, the romance seems to take the backseat to the mystery in this one given Caradon's intimacy issues. I felt for the guy, I really did, but the back and fourth between these two gave me whiplash. First he wanted a mistress...then he didn't...then he did but just not her...then he wanted her but not sex with her. You see what I'm talking about? I will admit that it was irksome at times, but I also understood how conflicted Cary was too.

Now despite there being very little actual sex between them going on for the majority of the book, these two did manage to still steam up the pages in their own way. I was quite impressed with Cary's ingenuity in the bedroom, and I loved that they were both passionate equals. Unfortunately, he had quite a bit to get over emotionally to make their relationship work, but you could feel the attraction and love growing between them as well.

"But you're unhappy, and I wanted to heal you."

Although I loved both of these characters, I have to admit that I didn't love them equally. Somehow Sophie managed to steal the show for me with her calm acceptance and generally positive outlook in all things. She strived to figure out the best course of action in any situation, and rarely did she take no for an answer. It was quite admirable, so I adored her even when she was being naïve. I think these two were so passionate because Sophie allowed Cary to be the man he wanted so desperately to be for her.

"You helped me face my demons, love. You never judged me. You never condemned me. Even when you were dragged into danger, because of me, you only wanted to help me."

I was overly pleased with Deeper in Sin. It had a great balance of mystery and romance that kept me hooked from page one. I eagerly anticipate the other Wicked Dukes falling into the clutches of love, and I'm especially excited for Sin's book because I just know it is going to be devilishly delicious given his penchant for outlandish parties.

*I received a review copy from the publisher/author via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.*

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