Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Undeniable (Always #3) by Cherie M. Hudson


Reviewed by Tabatha

So would you choose the cookie or the apple?

That's the choice Chase is facing. But I think to fully understand her in this story, you really need to read the previous book in this series. Chase is just a complicated character, so I think it best to get a full understanding of her. Beneath all her bluster she is very insecure and in desperate need for affection. This is a direct result of her lackluster relationship with her father. He may love her, but he has this inability to express it in a healthy way. Unfortunately, this is what ultimately led her to Donald (which was an unhealthy pseudo relationship that never should have happened in the first place). Now she is faced with a choice of choosing what is good for her, Caden being the apple, or what is bad for her, Donald being the cookie.

I'd like to think her choice was quite simple. But matters of the heart never are, and Chase took a bit of time to get things figured out. Add in her struggle with her disability when it comes to relationships, and this makes for an even more difficult situation. I was cheering for Caden the entire time, because who wouldn't cheer for a guy that makes awesome sock puppets for those he loves? (I want that Ant Man one!) He's just a genuinely good guy, so it was hard to see why Chase had such an issue giving in to her feelings for him. But I promise that by the end of the story you will understand though, and I'm glad things ended the way they did. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this story. Both characters had their flaws and they overcame them in the most adorable ways. This entire series has tugged at my heart in ways that are hard to explain, but I cannot recommend it highly enough.

*I received a review copy from the publisher/author via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.* 

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