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Winning Love (Love to the Extreme #3) by Abby Niles



Reviewed by Tabatha


I was really excited to receive an ARC of Winning Love, because after reading Fighting Love a few months ago I was super eager to read Mac’s book. He was just one of those characters that I knew would have a great story, and let me just tell you Abby didn’t disappoint in the least! In the previous book, we catch a tiny glimpses that Mac was haunted by his past, but what I didn’t anticipate was just how truly damaged he was inside. I honestly couldn’t imagine the type of pain he was dealing with, but I have to say that being paired with Gayle was the perfect combination for them both. They each share a similar past that is affecting their everyday lives in two completely different ways. Mac has closed himself off from getting close to anyone, and has totally closed himself off from his past. Whereas Gayle has decided to live each moment of her life to the fullest, and she tries to help those that she can through her chosen profession. Now although these two have a bit of a rough start, I loved how they couldn’t help but challenge one another and how this led them to finding a common ground. But just when they reach it, they have the rug ripped out from beneath them once again.

Guys, parts of this book were just so achingly sad, and my heart hurt for all that Gayle and Mac have endured. If I were in their shoes, I’d find it hard to choose which one of them took the better route to handling that type of loss. I liked that Abby didn’t shy away from the type of conflict that Gayle’s job would present for Mac, but I also loved that Gayle stood her ground and tried to show him the reasons behind what she does, too. I think that it was handled in a fitting way for both of the characters, and I admired Mac’s ability to face his deepest fears. It was also touching how they each helped one another face down what they feared the most from their pasts. The romance aspect between these two was off the charts good, and you could just feel the intensity of their connection despite all the differences that they had. They really were a wonderful couple, and I was so happy they were able to work everything out in the end. Winning love was a thrilling, and oh so very emotional ride that had me on the edge of my seat too many times to count! I enjoyed every moment of it, and I’m definitely looking forward to where Abby takes this series in the future.

*I received a review copy from the author/publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.*

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