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Beyond Surrender (Beyond, #9) by Kit Rocha



Reviewed by Tabatha


I'm so sad to see this amazing series come to an end, but I'm also thankful that we are getting a spin-off series for Sector 1 so I don't have to totally say goodbye yet. When you find a series as great as this one is, you never want it to end. But things have come full circle for the O'Kanes, so it's time to move into a new Sector. I'm not going to spoil anything for you guys, but so many things happened during Beyond Surrender!!! I found myself laughing, crying, cheering, and truly understanding just what it means to be an O'Kane.

You see, it isn't so simple as people blindly following Dallas as their leader just because he is the leader. He inspires so much more than that. He attracts the strong and supports the weak, and it inspires a kind of loyalty stronger than anything Eden can throw at them...and they are determined to make him fall so they throw a lot at all of them.

There were a few moments in Beyond Surrender that had me ugly crying, it was bad guys, but there were also some moments that were bittersweet and some, much to my delight, that were so pure O'Kane it left me needing to fan myself off because they were just that hot. With so much going on in the Sectors it could be easy for the love story in this book to be overshadowed, but it was incredibly well balanced with love, action, suspense, mystery, and the innate sexuality that surrounds these O'Kanes.

Our heroine, Nessa, has always been in the background throughout the entire series, and she has been just like a little sister to all of the O'Kanes. I was curious, given their lifestyle that extends beyond the bedroom, just how Nessa could fit into that when she found her match in Ryder. Not giving anything away, but I think it worked out perfectly and Ryder was exactly what Nessa needed after being surrounded by strong men all of her life. Ryder has a lot of hidden depths to him that I found vastly appealing. He has been preparing for this war his entire life, so it was interesting and heartwarming when he found himself finding something, or someone, he wanted more than the destruction of Eden. Together these two were a great pairing that balanced one another seamlessly despite all that is going on around them, and I really enjoyed their story.

Overall, this book was everything I expected and so much more. Dallas not only has the loyalty of the Sectors, but he also inspires loyalty in readers, too. The whole O'Kane clan holds a very special place in my heart, and I admire how they all do more than just survive...they live and that is the most important thing you can take away from this series. How to truly embrace life and live it.

O'Kane for Life!

**Note** Do yourself a favor and start from the beginning if you haven't read all of the books yet, because this book is NOT a standalone.

*I received a review copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.*

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