Monday, June 23, 2014

Cowboy Take Me Away (Rough Riders #16) by Lorelei James



Reviewed by Tabatha


I don't even know where to start for my review.  I have so many emotions swirling around inside me after finishing Cowboy Take Me Away. On the one hand, it was such a fantastic read and I adored every moment I got to spend with the McKay family once again. But on the other, I'm so very sad to see the Rough Riders series come to a close making it very bittersweet too.  I found myself only able to read a bit at a time not only because it was so very emotional, but because really I just didn't want to reach the end either.  This book made me laugh, made me cry both tears of joy and sadness, and I overall made me cherish each and every single moment I got to spend with them.
"Hey, sugar. I'm here beside you. I know you can hear me. I need you to hear me. Come back to me. I need you to know that I'm right here, I ain't goin' anywhere."

In this story, you get to see how Carson and Carolyn fell in love witnessing just how truly special these two characters are. They have an extremely rare and eternal type of love that has already spanned fifty years when the story starts. I'm not going to divulge any particulars, because I would never dare spoil anyone's enjoyment of this story.  Just know that as we revisit their past through their memories, you will not only get to see the loving times that brought them together, but also the hard times that shaped their relationship as well. 
"Damn straight you're mine, Carolyn McKay. You've been mine since the moment I saw you and you'll be mine until my last breath."

Now for me as a reader, the Rough Riders books have always been the embodiment of everything I've ever looked for in a series. I've watched the family grow and change through all their struggles, but I've also known that the real glue of the family has always been Carolyn and Carson. Being able to go back and read their story was so very sweet, sexy and romantic, and it really showed me how their love is the enduring type that will carry them through anything that is thrown their way. I admire the love and devotion they have for each other and their family, and I envy the bonds that tie them all together. Through thick and thin with laughter and tears, this is one family that will always stand the test of time for us readers. I look forward to what Lorelei has for us in the future, and I hope she realizes what a significant impact her series has had on all of us.  I want to thank her so much for writing this amazing series of books.

"The bond between parents and children was special. But a bond between husband and wife was sacred."

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