Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Packing Heat by Kele Moon



Reviewed by Erica


Spicy, spicy, spicy. I love Kele Moon's writing and she does an absolutely splendiferous job with any erotica that she chooses to write but I really feel like she has a gift when it comes to writing about hot guys in bed together. Beyond Eden was amazing, but for a book with no vaginas anywhere in sight, this one was amazing. Take one hot cut ripped firefighter who is out and proud, put him in an apartment with a tall buff cop who is in the closet but doesn't want to be, and watch the sparks fly. Seriously. Oh, yeah, did I mention that Gavin has handcuffs and doesn't mind using them? Yeah, mmmphm, it's hot. If you like guy on guy action, this is a must-read. And there are emotions there. Big ones. It's just an awesome read with a nice plot and for being so short, you get a really good look at both histories of both men to see why they are who they are. Wonderful book! 

If you'd like to check out more about this or other books by Kele, please head over to her website.


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