Friday, June 20, 2014

Deeply in You (The Wicked Dukes #1) by Sharon Page


Reviewed by Tabatha ✰✰✰✰


I think that Sharon Page does exceedingly well writing erotic historical romance, so needless to say I was very eager to get my hands on this first book in her newest series, The Wicked Dukes.   Deeply in You was a delightful mix of suspense, mystery, and dark pleasure, but it was also so much more as well.  From the fantastic line up of characters, to the intense amount mystery and intrigue, this book kept me captivated from page one and wouldn’t let me go.  I just know that all of you naughty regency nuts out there are going to love this one!

Helena Winsome agrees to spy on the Duke of Greybrooke for the crown in order to expose his secrets to settle her brother’s gambling debts.  What she doesn’t anticipate is how deeply drawn she would be to the handsome Duke.  Greybrooke feels that he is incapable of loving anyone due to his horrible past, and he embraces his darkest desires on his own terms now.  Although he is used to getting everything he wants when it comes to women, his sister’s new governess is a temptation he just can’t resist no matter how innocent she is.   He pursues her with single-minded intent to make her his mistress, but he is further intrigued with her when she resists all of his efforts.  Once they engage in their torrid affair of pleasure seeped in lies and intrigue, the deceptions will work their hardest to tear them apart.
All I can say is, wow, these two were so different from what I’ve read in the past, and I mean that in the very best way possible.  They were great characters who were so intensely erotic that each scene was sexier than the last.  But that wasn’t all they had going for them either.  I also think that Greybrooke is so endearing, and I could not blame Helena for her pursuit to save him from himself and from others who meant him harm. She was a constant source of support for him, even when she wasn’t altogether truthful, and she pushed him to want things he never before thought possible.  Together they were a great combination, and Page did a wonderful job setting the scenes to the point where I could actually picture myself experiencing each one.  I do have to mention two points that I had issue.  First of all was that the blackmail.  This was made to be overly complicated, and also drug on a bit too long for me too.  Secondly, the bad guy was a bit too predictable for my tastes and we do have some big hints along the way, but at least his motives were a surprise to me so that was a bonus.  If I cast these two things aside though, it was still an overall thrilling story to read.  I think that Page did a great job balancing by keeping the story engaging, but also packing plenty of heat between the characters as well.  I’m definitely looking forward to reading the rest of the Wicked Dukes series to see what happens with the other cast of characters.  Like I said above, all you naughty regency lovers out there will enjoy this one, so I am definitely recommending it to you. 

Reviewed by Kim ✰✰✰✰✰


Wow, Wow and Wow again! This book was awesome! At first I thought this was just going to be an erotic historical but then the intrigue started building. I was completely hooked first by the eroticism of the two characters finding each other. I really enjoyed Grey's pursuit. Helena tried so hard to fight but how could she not fall head over hills for this decadent, exciting man. At first the intrigue was light, just the typical scandal to resolve but that quickly changed into a gripping story all it's own. This book could have been an erotic historical and it would be complete or it could have been a suspenseful historical and it would have been complete, but to bring those two together so smoothly and efficiently and to resolve both sides was a true example of writing talent. I cannot wait to read more about the Wicked Dukes! 

*We both received a review copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for our honest review*

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