Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Some Like It Hot by Olivia Cunning, Nicole Edwards, Cherrlie Lynn, Kristen Proby, and Lainey Reese

Reviewed by Tabatha

Some like it hot? Well...I think a few of the stories in this anthology brought hot to a whole new level. So hot in fact, that I'm finding it really hard to express my feelings on this collection of stories.  One thing I do have to say, is to be prepared because you are going to definitely want your significant other near by when you read this one guys!

Olivia Cunning ~  One Starry Night (Sinners Novella)  ✰✰✰✰✰

By far the best out of all of the books in this anthology, so it opened with a quite the bang. I think that Olivia tried really hard to set my e-reader on fire! I'm telling you that these three were <i>scorching</i> hot, and I absolutely loved every minute of this story. It might seem a bit fast paced as far as her jumping into bed with two old high school friends, but something about this story just really worked for me. You can't tell me that any woman in her right mind would pass up on the opportunity that was presented to be part of a Jake and Devlin sandwich!

Nicole Edwards ~  Boots Optional ✰✰✰✰

This was an introduction into a new series for Nicole, and it looks to be just as great as her other series I've read by her. This will follow the Lambert sisters, and I'm definitely eager to see where this story goes from here with the subsequent books because this left me wanting more.

Cherrie Lynn ~  SHAMELESS ✰✰✰

I've always loved the type of story of the girl falling for her brother's best friend, and Cherrie delivered in the best way! Both Cameron and Meredith have always had feelings for each other, but Meredith is finally pushed into action after over hearing Cam with another woman while on vacation.  The only thing that niggled me a bit was the aspect of her overhearing him with another woman. Yeah it was sexy when she didn't know who they were, but I think I would have had issue with that personally and been too gutted to make my move. Overall though, this was still one sexy read and I enjoyed it.

Kristen Proby Playing With Fire ✰

This was my first read of Proby, and it will certainly be my last.  I hate to say that, but everything about this story annoyed the crap out of me. From the alternating first person point of view between the three characters, to how everything played out...I just didn't enjoy it at all. I think her writing style isn't for me.

Lainey Reese ~  Guarding Nadia ✰✰✰✰

I enjoyed this suspenseful little short story even if it was a tad on the predictable side for me for who the stalker was.  The heat and chemistry between the three characters really worked for me, and it was an overall great and kinky short story.

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