Monday, May 19, 2014

A Promise of More (The Disgraced Lords #2) by Bronwen Evans

Reviewed by Tabatha  ✰✰✰✰✰


A Promise of More was better than the first book in this series, and I had already thought that A Kiss of Lies was great!  I really think I have discovered a new favorite author for regency romance in Bronwen Evans.   From her exceedingly well developed characters, to her complicated yet very steamy plots, Evans is a true master at crafting an amazing books that leave her readers wanting more. 

We met Sebastian briefly in A Kiss of Lies when Christian and Serena stop in Jamaica.  He is there hiding out there after a duel gone wrong sent him fleeing from England.  Upon his arrival back to England, he is met with the sister of the man he is accused of murdering in the duel.  Beatrice has nowhere else to turn, and she is determined to keep her family out of the poor house.  She decides that the only thing she can do is to sacrifice herself to her brother’s killer and hope that his sense of honor will be their saving grace.  Given his parents volatile relationship, Sebastian believes that love has no place in a marriage, so Beatrice’s proposal of a marriage of convenience is immensely appealing.  From Beatrice's perspective, she has never experienced what real love is, so she feels like she won’t be missing anything by following through with her plan.  What neither of them expected was for love to become a factor in their marriage, and their lives to be further complicated with someone seeking revenge against Sebastian and his friends. 

I have to say that Sebastian and Beatrice were just such an adorable couple.  I loved how she sought out to make him love her despite her inexperience, and I most especially loved how Sebastian fought his internal war against falling in love in vain.  Overall, this second installment of the Disgraced Lords series was such an amazingly fun read, and I think each book in this series will only get better as the plot thickens.  We even caught a glimpse of the person who is set out to discredit and ruin the Libertine Scholars, but how far are they willing to go for revenge is the question.  I’m looking forward to where the next book goes with Grayson and Portia, so please hurry with its release! 

Reviewed by Kim  ✰✰✰✰✰


Wow, where to begin! I loved this and I love The Disgraced Lords Series. This book offers everything, from love, romance, heat, mystery, it just simply has it all. The detail of the historical facts that the author provides is amazing. You can tell through reading that Bronwen Evans really takes the time to get not only the romance portion of the story correct but also the historical portion. I think I actually like this installment better, the characters were even more unlikely than in the first installment, although I loved that one as well. "Henpeck Hennesy" is one of the strongest female characters that I've read in a long time. I love the vulnerability that is underlying with Sebastian and that with her love he is able to deal with and move past it. And the's like icing on the cake! 

*Both copies were received from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for honest review*

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