Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Devil's Reprise (Devils #2) by Karina Halle



Reviewed by Tabatha

The Devil's Reprise gets 5 completely enthusiastic and freaking scary as hell stars from me. Guys... it was sooo very good! Karina's amazingly talented writing was yet again mind-fuckingly brilliant in this second book of her Devils series. I'm going to warn you that this one felt much darker, because we have a dual point of view going on between Sage and Dawn. I think this gave the reader better insight into what was going on with them emotionally, as well as show us the other half of the puzzle too. It turns out that The Devil's Metal was just the calm before the storm, and Sage and Dawn really need to be more careful about what they wish for because you never know who may be listening...

"Self-entitled rock star who is drowning in his own self-loathing, handing out favors for the pity party?"

Sage is in a downward spiral after the events from The Devil's Metal, and it seems as though all of his hope is gone. The constant guilt is crushing him, and the only one who can really save him has a battle all her own that she never anticipated coming. Dawn has no idea she made a deal with the devil, but as events start to unfold she becomes more and more aware that there is no escaping her fate.

"It didn't matter where I was, though-—my head was too scary a place, the doom and possibilities threatening my thoughts at every turn."

I just simply adore these two and even though they have gone through hell together, the ride is not over for them quite yet. The months they spent apart didn't diminish the intensity of their connection, but is it going to be enough to pull these guys through the horrors that are lurking in the shadows?

"She was the song and I was the composer, and I knew all the right notes to hit, again and again and again until her nails were digging into my arms, begging for me to stop, to let her catch her breath. But we were only getting started."

Overall, I have to say that this was a totally unique read, and a ride I never wanted to get off no matter how freaked out I got reading it. Dawn, Sage, Jacob, and Max are all fantastic characters, and I really want another book to help resolve some of the lingering storyline. I can't say anything more for this review for fear of spoiling things, but I really do hope Karina writes another book. I definitely suggest you check this series out guys, and I will leave you with some parting words from the sexy rock star...

"My love for yous sings, and it's a song that will never stop playing." 

If you'd like to check out more about this series or Karina's other books, please head over to her website.

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