Monday, July 21, 2014

Hard Knocks (Ultimate #.5) by Lori Foster



Reviewed by Tabatha


Hard Knocks is a great introduction into Lori's new Ultimate series, and I've been eagerly awaiting it for some time now. I just love her world of MMA fighters and if this preview is any indication, then we are definitely in for a real treat from Mrs. Foster!

When Gage had to leave home for his chance at being in the ring, he also had to leave behind his budding relationship with Harper as he tried to stay focused on his goal. What he didn't realize, was that she was unaware of his feelings towards her. He was also unaware of how deeply she felt about him as well. When he is injured in a practice sparring match right before his fight, he is sidelined and heads back to his hometown and back to Harper.

Harper let him go once with the knowledge and understanding that this is what he had been training for, but it didn't stop her from being miserable in the wake of his absence either. Now that Gage is back, she is determined to take the initiative to get him in her life and in her bed for good if he will have her.

Now I loved that we had a back story going on for these two, and we pick up at the point in their story where their relationship is just about to take an important turn. The play by play with the secondary characters was a lot of fun to read, and I am definitely looking forward to their stories as well. Harper and Gage definitely heat up the pages in this short preview into Lori's new series, and I hope we get to see more of them in the books to come. I so excited to get started on Cannon's book next!  

*Review copy was provided by the author/publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review*

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