Saturday, July 19, 2014

Tangled Bundle by Leah Braemel



Reviewed by Tabatha


Texas Tangle

Whew this one is as hot as the Texas heat!

I must admit that I loved this book because of the strong character development. So often with this type of writing, you find more porn than plot, but definitely not the case with this book. With that said, the love scenes are still incredibly steamy!

Brett and Dillon are closer than any best friends could be, but the only thing that has ever come between them has left them at odds yet again. Nicole has come out of her divorce stronger, but has a lot to learn yet on standing up for herself. After having all her possessions stolen, these two handsome guys show her how love can really be, but not without some very tough decisions on all their parts. As tension builds they realize that falling in love is easy, but staying together will take work and compromise for all three.

Tangled Past

Jackson and Nate share a dangerous passion for one another in a period in history where it is likely to lead to their death. Sarah is found with the men while they were in a compromising position, and she is forced into marriage with Jackson. Coming between the two men who clearly love one another was never her intention, but she finds herself emotionally tangled and fantasizing about being between them. To make the situation work, they must all make compromises, but at what cost?

Loved this glimpse back in time to how Dillon's (Texas Tangle) grandparents came together. All the characters where strong, and you could really feel how emotionally tangled they were in how they were going to solve the situation they found themselves in. I liked how you could feel the emotions building between them all, and the beauty of it when they finally were able to be together. 

If you'd like to check out more of Leah's books, please head over to her website. 

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