Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lead Me On (Hearts of Fame #5) by Lexxie Couper



Reviewed by Tabatha


Holy snapping duck shit did I love this one! Lexxie Couper has definitely done it again, and with each book releases in this series, they just keep getting better. She has such an amazing ability to create intense sexual tension between her characters, but more importantly she does this without losing sight of the rest of the story making them an absolute pleasure to read.

The band is on the quest to find a new lead singer, and it brings Samuel and Jax to San Franciso. There Samuel meets the twin sister of their prospect, and her resistance to his charms draws Samuel like no other has before. Lily is less than happy when her brother offers up her services to play tour guide while he finishes up a stint in rehab. Sparks definitely fly between Samuel and Lily, and not all of them are in a good way.

Lily has watched the price of fame grip her family for far too long, and the worst has been the toll it has taken on her twin brother. Although she is sexually attracted to Samuel, she has no plans to tolerate him or his lifestyle in her life. Being forced to play tour guide during her week off isn't her idea of fun, but she also doesn't expect to discover the vulnerable real man Samuel is beneath his facade.

Samuel has always projected his narcissistic egomaniac rock star image to the world. Under it all though lurks a man who is sweet and lonely, which isn't what Lily was expecting at all. I loved how he kind of wore his heart on his sleeve in this one, and just seemed so genuine and real. The best part...I adored how he craved to just hear her laugh. :)

These two have tension and chemistry in spades, and it lead to some explosive heat between them in the bedroom. These guys were not what you'd think of as a perfect match, but yet they were once they both really saw one another for who they were inside. :) Sam's struggles to be "normal" were adorable, and Lily's adaptations to his lifestyle wer cute (especially the way she handles paparazzi). Overall, I just really loved this book and the characters were great. I can't think of a way that Lexxie can top it, but I just know she will because we still need a lead singer and Levi and Jax are left as well.

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