Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Steady Beat (Hearts of Fame #4) by Lexxie Couper



Reviewed by Tabatha


After several years hiatus, the guys from Blackthorne have decided to make a go of it as a new band, and the only thing they need is a new singer. Sounds easy right? Not so much when you are attempting to replace the amazing Nick Blackthone. While the guys are discussing finding a new singer, Noah's ever drifting attention is caught by a sable haired beauty waiting tables. Pepper has spent her life feeling like a failure at everything she does, but fate hands her a chance when she overhears the guys discussion. She decides to take the opportunity, and challenge Noah once the other guys leave to a music trivia battle. The stakes... if she wins she gets to audition for the band, but if she loses she has to give him a kiss... and likely her heart too.

Noah and Pepper try to keep their distance and keep things platonic, but they are fighting a losing battle with the intensity of the chemistry between them. Things move very quickly, but Pepper gives Noah a calm he has never experienced before that makes him determined to have her no matter what. Well...that is until an unexpected complication attempts to destroy their new found love.

I adored these two and I think that they were a great match. They complement one another so well, and just really balance each other out. Noah has had a complicated life with his ADHD that has affected his relationship with everyone. Pepper provides that calming influence on him, so he is able to finally be at peace and be happy. Pepper is soo painfully shy that it has affected all aspects of her life, so the way that Noah builds her self-confidence is so sweet and endearing to me. Lexxie has this amazing ability to create tons of sexual tension with her characters. The heat was definitely on with these two, and they were so much fun to read. :) I'm really looking forward to the next book in this series, because it just keeps getting better with each book. Keep up the great work Lexxie!

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