Monday, April 14, 2014

Undescribable (Undescribable #1) by Shantel Tessier



Reviewed by Erica

The books where the man-whores who swear off commitment for life and FALL LIKE ROCKS are ALWAYS so much fun to read. This one was even MORE so because a lot of it was from Slade's perspective. It was a dual POV novel, which I enjoy a lot when they are written like this one (the person's name at the top of each chapter so it's clear when the POV is changing), but this one seemed to be written a lot more in Slade's POV than in Sam's. And I liked it that you weren't reading the same story switched in real time. It was really enjoyable that you got to see truly from the guy's perspective how confusing they find women...and adorable to watch Slade melt like a piece of ice when this girl, THE one, affects him like she does.

The story itself was really good...Samantha has quite the baggage with her past with her parents and of course, Slade has no shortage of women who remind him (and an unhappy Sam) that he wasn't always into relationships. It makes for a very entertaining story. The other characters in this book, Holly and Micah, Josh and Courtney and Mark and Vivian, are excellent surrounding supporting characters for this wonderful and charming story. St. Louis is described in a way that makes it a wonderful backdrop for Slade and Samantha's story. The author uses a lot of tactile and sensory descriptors to set up an excellent flow that is greatly entertaining. I enjoyed this book a LOT and can't wait to see how book #2 goes. And yes, I cried at the was sad. I guess I'm in a sappy time right now because every book is making me cry! 

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