Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Play With Me (Pleasure Playground #1) by Eliza Gayle

Reviewed by Tabatha  ✰✰✰✰✰


Play With Me was a really enjoyable read, and I just loved the dynamics between the three characters Eve, Murphy, and Chase. The two guys are suffering from the once bitten twice shy syndrome when it comes to submissives after a failed three-way relationship. Eve has refreshingly real issues that thankfully don't stem from any sort of abuse, but rather family obligations that have just worn her down over the years. Chase knew he wanted Eve as soon as Murphy hired her, but it wasn't until a special request comes in from a client that they all cave their desires.

The photo shoots with these three were so intense, and the heat between them made each scene so very sexy. I can't pick a favorite, but the playground scene was oh sooo very hot. Eliza Gayle pushed into some of the darker aspects of BDSM just a bit (shibari, breath and knife play, and orgasm denial), but I don't think it was enough that the average BDSM reader would be uncomfortable with. I loved that each scene wasn't sex for the sake of sex (which honestly happens a lot in this type of erotic romance), and that they pushed each others boundaries into a relationship between the three of them.

So with all that said, I think this was one hot as hell book with a great cast of characters. I have to say that Eve was the stand out for me though, because I felt like she was the most relateable. She isn't your average stick thin heroine, and that made her more special to me. Chase was a bit of a bear, but I could definitely see the reason behind him keeping himself at a distance. Once he caves though...whew are you in for a treat! Murphy was adorably sensitive and sweet, so I think he balanced Chase exceedingly well. Overall, I think that Eliza Gayle did a fantastic job with this one and you guys will definitely enjoy it too.

Reviewed by Erica ✰✰


Meh. I think this idea of this book was a good one, and the sex scenes were definitely hot, but I did not feel connected to any of the three characters in any way, shape or form, nor did I feel that they were connected to each other. Very, very emotionless. It just felt like Chase was really turned on by Eve, Eve was dying to branch out and do something wild (for reasons not clearly explained or explored), and Murphy went along with it because Eve was so submissive and responsive. And more information on what happened with their prior menage relationship would have been helpful. Not the whole reference book, just a little bit of a detail on what happened.

The scenes were a little chilly and forced. I didn't really like the humiliation, degradation or name calling...and putting "slut" on one of her pictures? Really? Nope, it just didn't make me like this book or the characters at all. I thought the idea of hiring out a playground for the night to do a photo shoot was really original, but there wasn't enough imagery for me to get a clear picture of what was going on (except for the knife at the throat, that I got loud and clear) and the whole confrontation at Eve's apartment afterwards was This book just didn't do it for me. 

For more information on this series and Eliza's other books, please check out her website.

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